Advanced Real Estate Photography, by Nathan Cool
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In this second book in his real estate photography series, Nathan shows advanced editing techniques to create high-end real estate images. In-depth, detailed instructions, coupled with over 150 screenshots and example images guide you step-by-step through the tools used to repair images, validate exposures, correct problematic colors and artifacts, and easily remove unwanted items. Learn how to quickly add sunny skies to cloudy days, impactful TV scenery, and natural fireplace swaps. See how simple it is to evenly light a room by putting together photo composites in post-processing, along with tricks to make showers pop and hardwood floors look rich. Nathan places an emphasis on efficiency, sharing various Lightroom presets and showing how to turn repetitive Photoshop processes into one-button actions. While staying on-topic, Nathan also expands the "whys" to the "hows”, providing a wide range of knowledge that can be applied to other techniques as well. Set yourself apart from the competition by learning the keys to editing speed with impressive, professional results.

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