Basic Videography for Real Estate, by Nathan Cool
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This eighth book in Nathan Cool's real estate series addresses a popular new-normal in today's world of virtual solutions: basic real estate videos, and how to capture and create them. With popularity since the pandemic of 2020, real estate videos provide agents with an intuitive tool to market a property remotely. While still popular with high-end homes, basic video "tours" and other styles are expanding requirements for real estate media, simplifying in many regards what's needed to capture and produce property videos. Using his straight-to-the-point style of instruction, Nathan discusses the principles, gear, camera settings, compositions, movements, and footage commonly used in real estate videos, followed by how to edit these videos to make an impactful presentation with music, deliver the media, and how you can price and market your video services as well. Although written with real estate photographers in mind, this book is also constructed for those not familiar with photographing properties, providing a broad understanding of the "whys" behind the "whats". Even though this book addresses basic videography, it does so at a professional level so that you can show your clients that when it comes to providing real estate videos, you're not a consumer with a camera; but instead, you're a pro.

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