The Invisible Camera

Shooting bathrooms can sometimes be a pain as it's not always possible to show its features without being caught in the mirror. I fix that problem using what I call "The Invisible Camera" trick. Here are a few examples and some how-to on how it's done.


Here's a finished shot using "The Invisible Camera" technique:

Look Ma! No reflection! The trick is actually super easy. Here's how it's done:


1. Take a picture right at the mirror. You'll notice I'm not in the shot as I'm shooting this remotely (I was outside the door). But you can see my camera and tripod, along with a hefty amount of worries, that'll all get fixed shortly.


2. Turn around, get as close to the sink as possible, and then fire another shot.


3. BAM! You got all the footage. Now just mirror that second shot in Photoshop and blend it into the mirror...TADA!


Here's another example:


1. Straight on shot at the mirror.


2. Turn around and take another shot.


3. Mirror the second shot and blend it in the mirror...TADA!

Extra credit...note that I also fixed the burned out light bulb in this shot.


And here's a more in-depth example:

1. Here's an "ambient" shot of the bathroom. This is used as a basis for lighting (used in post process later). Say hello to my little trusty high res camera and sturdy as heck tripod.


2. Here's a flash shot using my "Human Lightstand" technique. This is used to get the color correctly, and to sharpen the image.


3. And here's the shot turned around (a flash was in the other room to the left bouncing off the ceiling).


4. Blend it all together and what do you have! BAM! No camera!

Extra, extra, credit...note that I fixed the burned out light bulb in this shot too.


But anywhoooo...that's how it's done. Super simple, ho holds barred, and camera reflections be damned! It's just another of many techniques I like to do for my clients to help showcase their listings and wow their buyers. Besides, I get a kick out of doing this stuff :)


Would you like to see the difference for yourself? Give me a shout and I'd be happy to show you first hand how a small cost for higher quality photography can result in better listings.