Shooting Lemon Drops

Drop lemon wedges into a tank of water, and what do you get? Lemon Drops! Here are some of my favorites from this new, sour splashy series, with some behind-the-scenes at the bottom of this blog showing how this was shot. Each photo was mirrored to give it a Rorschach kind of feel. Faces often emerge in these images, as do other designs, turning a simple splash into something special. Enjoy, and try not to pucker!


Citrus Waves

Citrus WavesCitrus WavesCitrus Waves



Darth Lemon

Darth LemonDarth Lemon



Pucker Suckers

Pucker SuckersPucker Suckers



The Citrus Wizard

The Citrus WizardThe Citrus Wizard



Laid Back Lemon

Laid Back LemonLaid Back Lemon



The Angry Kings

Angry KingsAngry Kings



The Wide-Eared Cat




Seedy Dive Bomber




Lemon Tailed Butterfly

Lemon Tailed ButterflyLemon Tailed Butterfly







Citrus Yogi

Buddha and the DogBuddha and the Dog



Behind the Scenes

Here's how it's done. First, the setup, and then the drop:

I like to use an old fish tank filled about half way with water. Under the tank is shiny paper with complementary colors. In this case, yellow and green. The rest is fairly self explanatory, although I should mention that I triggered the shutter remotely when I'd see a drop was about the make contact with the water, like so:

I made a cameo appearance in this shot :) Then the rest is all in the post processing. It's just a matter of making duplicate layers in Photoshop, mirror, and then editing to make it pop. This splash shot, btw, is the "Seedy Dive Bomber" image:



And there you have it, Lemon Drops! You can check out these and more splashy shots in my Splash! gallery. Enjoy!