Business Techniques for Real Estate Photography, by Nathan Cool
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In this fourth book in his real estate photography series, Nathan explains how to successfully start, manage, and grow your real estate photography business. Attracting clients and keeping them for the long-term are some of the more salient themes, yet Nathan also explains how to judge viability for your region, set prices, raise prices, and collect payments as well. By explaining aspects of human psychology that relate to clients and the industry, Nathan shows traps and scams to watch out for, and ways to deal with problem situations while maintaining the high ground. Staying on budget, Nathan explains how to efficiently market yourself without breaking the bank, how to efficiently construct your schedule, and techniques to get your business started quickly while addressing longer term goals and growth strategies. Safety is also paramount with advice on how to stay safe on the job, and how to protect and insure your business as well. Nathan steers clear of hype and focuses instead on what works (and what doesn’t) to create and maintain a successful real estate photography business. While the art and technical aspects of real estate photography can be challenging, doing it for money can be even more daunting. Nathan makes it simple though and gets right to the point, showing how you can make money shooting homes.

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