Headshot and Portrait Prep

A few things to help you prepare for your upcoming photoshoot

I don't know about you, but I hated picture day at school. Those and other unnerving memories of photo shoots from yesteryear can make anyone nervous. But there's no need to fear, fun and awesome photos are near! On this page I've put together some tips I'd like to share that can help you prepare for your upcoming headshot or portrait photo shoot. You may have other questions as well, and I'm always just a click or phone call away, so give me a shout any time.


1. Relax. I know, easier said than done, but nerves are natural and nearly everyone has them. The more you can relax prior to the shoot, the better your expressions and form will be. Remember, your shoot with me is in the privacy of my home studio, away from gawkers and looky-loos. No one will be judging you, and I'll be guiding you with 1-on-1 direction. 


2. For men, shave early that morning, or plan on going for that rugged stubble look. We don't want red skin or nicks, and please do not plan on shaving at your shoot.


3. Get plenty of rest. Sleep is important to minimize red eyes and eye bags. It will also help you smile brighter.


4. No alcohol. The last thing you want is to be dehydrated with blood-shot eyes or be cranky. Avoid any chemically induced recreational activity for days prior to your shoot.


5. Select your wardrobe early. Even if you have selected just a 1-look shoot, it's a good idea to bring a couple different outfits to select from. If this is just for headshots, don't worry about pants, shoes, etc. since they'll be out of frame


6. Prep hair and makeup before the shoot. Women: It's best to have your hair and makeup done right before the shoot, and bring some along for touch-ups just in case. Note that if you are doing headshots for acting or other casting, makeup should be minimal, and for men, no makeup at all -- casting directors want to see a picture of the real deal, and expect some makeup on woman, but not on men.


7. Study my headshot and portrait portfolio and other photos you've seen that speak to you, and feel free to share with me prior to the shoot. Look at the expressions, and feel free to practice many days before the shoot by looking in the mirror. One easy trick is to look in a mirror, then close your eyes, try the expression, then open your eyes. It will get your mind accustomed to fire that expression at will.


8. Plan on arriving early. I'm located in a guard-gated community and you will be on the list the day of your shoot. There are sometimes lines at the guard gates, and of course there is almost always traffic in SoCal. If you arrive earlier than your scheduled shoot, no worries, I love the company! And who knows, you may even get a glimpse of my elusive cat Roxy.


9. Contact me at any time if you have any questions. I'm always just a click or phone call away.