Mastering Color in Photography, by Nathan Cool
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Professional photographer and best-selling author Nathan Cool provides an easy-to-understand yet in-depth approach to working with color in photography using DSLR and mirrorless cameras. From capturing photos to editing, validating, and eventual image or print creation, this simplified yet comprehensive guide includes from start to finish the principles of color with concise explanations, numerous examples, and detailed instruction. Topics include the core of color such as gamut and spaces, lighting optimizers, profiles, bit depths, channels, tonal and dynamic ranges, and file type limitations; how certain cameras and lenses can affect color and quality; exposure techniques to achieve optimal color; how and why to work with white balance options and corrections; software and hardware best suited for color editing; myriad color editing techniques to enhance, optimize, and obtain accurate color; and various color validation techniques. Nathan also pulls back the curtain on cameras and editing software, explaining design and algorithms that can affect such things as auto white balance, dehaze, vibrance, clarity, exposure, saturation, ISO invariance, contrast, and more, thus providing the "whys" behind the "whats" to help you make better decisions throughout your photography work. Written for a broad range of skill level, from novice to pro, this extensive mastery guide to photographic color will help you navigate a journey of exploration and creativity to improve your photography, no matter the genre involved.

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