Shot Lists for Real Estate Photography, by Nathan Cool
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In this fifth book in his real estate photography series, Nathan takes you room by room and outside as well to show an easy and efficient strategy to photographing homes. By knowing what shots and compositions will have the highest positive impact on clients and buyers, Nathan shows what works well, and why. With more than 200 examples you’ll see numerous homes, room designs, property layouts, and photographic challenges that you can quickly identify and optimize while shooting almost any property. Along with explanations on why certain compositions are preferred over others, Nathan suggests image quantities for rooms and amenities in assorted home sizes, and how they relate to price-packaging tiers. Although it’s suggested to be familiar with the interiors and exteriors books in Nathan’s real estate photography series, the principles in this book show how any style of photography can apply to the shot lists, compositions, and techniques contained in this book. Nathan also provides “Quick Pro Tips” throughout the book with easy-to-apply tricks and techniques, as well as a pre-shoot preparation checklist you can pass along to clients. Knowing not only what to shoot but also why, the photos you deliver to clients will have a higher wow-factor, proving that you aren’t a consumer with a camera; but instead, you’re a pro.

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