The Lighting Guide for Real Estate Photography, by Nathan Cool
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In this sixth book in his real estate photography series Nathan shows techniques, setups, and options for lighting various rooms, interior spaces, and various configurations. With numerous lighting diagrams and example images, you can learn ways to light simple, intermediate, and advanced interior spaces while understanding why certain techniques are preferred over others, and under varying circumstances, so that you can apply these principles to almost any interior space you may encounter. Along with detailed information on popular lighting gear used for interior real estate photography, Nathan discusses various lighting methods in-depth, along with tables for flash power starting points for each example, and how they differ across flash units. This lighting guide builds on techniques in the interiors book in Nathan’s real estate photography series, and this is a great companion guide for his book “Shot Lists” as well. By using professional techniques for interior flash photography you can gain the know-how to tackle almost interior lighting challenge to help you show your clients that you’re not just a consumer with a camera; but instead, you’re a pro.

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