Virtual Tour Photography for Real Estate Photography, by Nathan Cool
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With virtual tours on the rise in 2020, Nathan Cool’s latest book is a timely resource showing how you can photograph, create, and host 360 virtual tours, in more ways than one. Using either inexpensive portable cameras or high-end DSLRs, Nathan shows the steps involved with 360 photography and how to optimize various techniques to fit your real estate photography business. Nathan covers gear, compositions, photography techniques, hosting services and options, editing practices, workflows, software, and pricing calculations to guide you through photographing and publishing 360 virtual tours. This book builds on techniques in Nathan’s interior real estate photography book so that you can optionally incorporate flash and high-end editing for impressively impactful tours. By using the professional techniques in this seventh book in Nathan’s real estate photography series, you can show your clients that when it comes to providing virtual tours, you’re not a consumer with a camera; but instead, you’re a pro.

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